I released my first single in 11 years!

Greetings! As a bit of a new year's resolution to myself, I decided to start releasing new music again. The last time was in May of 2010 when I released my last album, Songs For The Moon. I had CDs pressed and it was my first time being able to submit music to iTunes. Spotify was only a couple years old and I don't even remember if that was an option that my distributor worked with at the time. In Your Eyes is a song that I wrote just about a year after I released that album. I may have even released an earlier version on Bandcamp a while ago. It's been sitting with some other tunes waiting to be finished for a new album. It's about time I started finishing these songs!

A lot has changed since I last released music in 2010. I've been through a few medical things here and there. I found out I have a pretty bad case of hyperacusis, among other hearing issues. Many doctors told me to give up music because of this. I was in strong disagreement with them but it turns out maybe I did stop for a while because of my ears. And maybe I needed to. A year of quarantine has given my ears a lot of rest. And I have a much better idea of how I'd like to release my music from now on. Rather than being bound to full albums, pressing CDs, making *everything* perfect all at once, why not just release one song at a time? That's the most any reasonable person can listen to at one time anyways. And if in time I have enough songs that people seem to enjoy, perhaps I'll gather them together on some sort of round musical playback device. Right now I'm using DistroKid and so far they've been fantastic to work with. Each streaming service and store has a different time frame as far as when songs get released so I'll keep updating this post with all of the places as they trickle in. Just click on the name of your preferred internet compact disc player to listen. You can also use the HyperFollow link that DistroKid made for me which gets updated regularly too.

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I hope you enjoy my new song! Thanks for listening!



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