It's Bandcamp Friday!

Hi all! Just a quick update to point you towards my Bandcamp page. Ever since the pandemic started, Bandcamp has dedicated the first Friday of every month to us artists. 100% of what you spend on music today will go directly to us artists. Even on other days of the month, BC takes such a minimal amount. They've made it possible for a lot of independent musicians to make it through the pandemic. Much respect to Bandcamp!

Quite a bit of my music is available there for download, including my new single In Your Eyes. I've put a couple of my Bandcamp-only albums below that you might enjoy. All you have to do is name your price and you can download anything you'd like. Even if you download my music for free, it would mean the world to me to know that you're listening.

There are a few other albums on my Bandcamp page so be sure to check those out. One of them includes a very early version of my newest single. Don't forget to sign up for my mailing list on Bandcamp so you can stay up to date on future releases. Please share this with your friends as well. Thank you for the support!


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