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The Roarer March by Horace Weston

The Roarer March was originally written as a banjo duet by Horace Weston (1825-1890). It was most likely published in 1883 and was still being advertised after his death. Unfortunately the original sheet music for the banjo duet has not…

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Playing guitar wasn't very cool in 1904 

Love's Dreams Waltz was the first guitar solo published by BMG Magazine. This appeared in the April 1904 issue. It came out at a time when guitar was not a very popular instrument when compared to the banjo and mandolin…

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Let's play Star Trek on guitar!

As season three of Star Trek: Picard wrapped up this past week, I decided to pay a little tribute to one of my favorite television franchises with a new guitar arrangement. I reharmonized a few of the chords but hopefully…

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Briggs' Banjo Instructor

Hey there! Merry Briggsmas!

I'm so excited to share this with you! My complete transcription of Briggs' Banjo Instructor is available now! I transcribed all 56 instrumental solos from the original 1855 book. This was the world's first banjo tutor…

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Ancestral Melodies - Finnish Folk Tunes

Terveisiä! Greetings!

Please allow me to introduce Ancestral Melodies! This is a collection of six books with over 150 brand new arrangements of traditional Finnish folk tunes. The arrangements work together in the guitar, piano, and lead sheet books…

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Join My New Banjo Club! It's Free!

Hey all,

Just a quick post to tell you about my new banjo club that I started. It's completely free to join and you get ten new banjo tunes emailed to you every month. That's pretty much it! Just enter…

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Free Sheet Music on Gumroad


I wanted to make a quick post here to tell you about my new sheet music shop on Gumroad. While I move everything from my current site over there, most of my arrangements are free (or close to it)…

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