Let's play Star Trek on guitar!

As season three of Star Trek: Picard wrapped up this past week, I decided to pay a little tribute to one of my favorite television franchises with a new guitar arrangement. I reharmonized a few of the chords but hopefully nothing that distracts from the melody and structure of the original tune. There are some big barre chords that take some patience to move to and from. 

This piece was originally composed for Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979. It was then reused as the theme song for Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987. It seems to me that it's more closely associated with TNG these days. Especially with the amount of nostalgia around that series in the latest season of Picard. Either way, it's one of the most iconic pieces in pop culture. As soon as the theme in measure six starts, it hits me right in the feels. 

Click here to get the 3-page pdf

You can interact with the score below and have your browser play it back. Use the link above to get the pdf from my sheet music shop. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Main Theme by Kyle Gray Young


Which piece of Star Trek music is your favorite? Which one should I arrange next?

Live long and prosper! 


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